@adam_w #bonfire (Taken with instagram)
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My back yard ealry in the morning with a sexy #sunrise and the #stars still vissable  (Taken with instagram)
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so i want to hold a charity event or at least sell some work for charity. only prolem is i dunno where to start. and im not very good anyway so there probably wont be a big enough interest for any of my work to sell. copy wright is another problem obviously if i do stuff like my previous pieces.

ive been wanting to do it for like ages now but everytime i tell myself to do it i hit the road blocks again.

if any of you artists have any experience with this sort of stuff please let me in on any tips you might have.

it will be 100% donated to charity if it ever ends up happening.

so i made a new blog for reblogging and shit. if ur interested check it out coz i dont post a lot on this personal blog.

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Little test i did when i got my camera a couple months ago.
nothing special, but there is some sexy dude playing basketball…

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need to brush up on my Melbourne street history so i can properly credit this, but damn.
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Edward sharp and the magnetic zeros mashup? creamed ma pants a little bit.

Bring em Home - Edward Sharp ft T.I

Just in the studio workin on the new mix tape (Taken with instagram)
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Cooked myself dinner tonight.
Crispy prosciutto Chiken with an alfredo pasta. Was heaven. you might say im a little proud of myself.
Got my Grandpas old Bow and arrow set today. Back from when he lived in PNG. bad ass.
Ghibli can never disappoint.Still waiting for the day i get to travel to japan.
the mac reppin knocksteady like it should.
thiskidnameddexter: wheres my promo4promo you ratdog bajillionaire

oh um. evryone. um. follow this guy. um. he drops crazy um.. raps.. um and like, is awesome. and um, hes gay so like hes not mainstream and um. yeah. totaly .

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niggerdan-deactivated20120912: Haha im not gay or anything i just love you cause you're the first person thats followed me on tumblr that listens to Dumb and wax. Nice taste in music bro.

shit yeah bro, good to hear their name spreading around. they probably deserve a shit load more publicity than they get.

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